Rani in the City

The New York City bride is a special breed of woman

She expects the best for her special day and gets it. She has a keen eye for beauty and quality, and she demands professional service. She seeks both efficiency and bespoke designs exquisitely crafted for her wedding. Kenzi is on her side, adorning her with gorgeous and unique mehndi designs in a deep rich color. She is devoted to making the bride’s most important day perfect.

Beautiful and Pure

Our henna paste–made fresh for every client–is 100% organic. Our organic henna powder is flown in from India’s best henna farms and mixed with the best essential oils which are all organic (or better) along with organic coconut palm sugar. You will never have to wonder what is going on your skin; you can just sit back and let us take the very best care of you.

A free 30-minute consultation and preview for every prospective brideto look at henna designs to get an idea of what is available and how long it will take; you can also consult with the artist to create an original design just for you. Feel free to bring your wedding saree or dress if you would like the artist to match your mehndi design to your outfit. Also, the artist will give you a sample henna design so you can judge the quality of the work and the nice dark stain.Artist available to do mehndi for the bride and guests (nikkah, sangeet or engagement parties).

Online booking is available to make it easy to lock down the date you want; you can also book your free consult or pay your deposit. You can also call 917-447-9810.


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