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Ideeli Feel no Gilt or Rue the Day You Shopped for Your Wedding Online

I bet you spend every lunch hour running errands and shopping for wedding stuff. Maybe you’ve got your outfits all worked out, but you probably have a lot of bridesmaids’ stuff to buy, or accessories to browse, or shoes to match your outfits.  So much of this running around can now be handled at your desk through some awesome shopping sites, many of which you probably know and love.  This time of year, all those sites are running wedding specials where you can find items that you won’t find in Google searches or running around from store to store.

Gilt City NYCgilt – this site is like Groupon if Groupon only catered to New Yorkers with taste.  This time of hear they have a carefully curated set of wedding offers covering many aspects of your wedding planning, from websites to clothing to body bootcamps.  Their non-wedding stuff is great too so sign up for regular updates from them.


exclusivelyinExclusively:IN – feast your eyes on a delicious array of South Asian clothing, jewelery, accessories and home decor; they even have a special wedding page.  It may not be as fun as a trip to India to buy for your wedding but it’s a lot more efficient.


ruelalaRueLaLa – one of the first shopping sites in this genre, RueLaLa is known for great designer names and a wonderful variety of quality products.  They regularly have wedding specials so sign up to keep yourself informed of any upcoming events.


borrowitBorrow it Bindaas – this is a great shopping site, including a dedicated wedding section with a lot of variety; their thing is that you can just borrow the items (though technically you are renting them), but you can also purchase anything on their site.  This site is perfect for items which you may not want to buy since you will only wear them once.


ideeliIdeeli – this shopping site is a lot like RueLaLa with tons of designer labels and an easy shopping experience. Sign up with them to be notified of upcoming wedding-oriented sales.  Be prepared to keep shopping with them long after you get back from your honeymoon.


indianweddingsiteIndian Wedding Site – this website is an essential stop on the internet for anyone planning a wedding; their shop section of the site gives you links to places to shop online or in person and their vendor database is vast but easily searched. Be sure to check out their Real Weddings section featuring photos of actual weddings; you will find so much inspiration for your own wedding.


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